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Dorothy EvesFounder & CEO

Healthypreneurship Founder & CEO

I started Healthypreneurship in hopes of shedding light on the many internal challenges entrepreneurs face when pursuing their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Though there are many challenges we face when it comes to the successes, failures and struggles in pursuing these endeavors, I realize the internal challenges faced are not talked about as much.

These internal challenges may come up in business or personal life and I feel that we all have experienced these at some point in our life and may have even overcame them.

In sharing these experiences and how one has overcame them can inspire others to do the same.

I look forward to talking with many entrepreneurs at different levels as to the internal challenges they face in hopes that it may inspire others and encourage others through difficult times and to know they are not alone.

Join me in spreading awareness and shedding light on these internal challenges as they are very real and could help so many others.


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