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Someone to talk to…..

Posted: April 18, 2017 at 12:55 am   /   inspirational

In my pursuit of starting my own online business. I realize that though I have the passion, it is not a simple task. Realizing that I’m the one who many of my friends, family and oddly enough even strangers seem to ask me my advice on many things. I think many of us can say there’s that one family member, friend, colleague or person in our life that we like to talk to and confide in on certain things going on in our life. Whether they seem to be a good listener or always seem to have some good advice that doesn’t come off as judgmental or their advice just seems to resonate with us, having someone like this in our lives in a sense helps to balance our thoughts and not feel alone in our endeavors. I encourage everyone when your thoughts seems boggled or you seem down like there’s no way out to talk to someone you trust. Before things get worse and you hold in, talk to someone you trust. There are many cases where tragic events happened which left everyone shocked because no one knew what this person was going through. They didn’t let anyone know it was that bad. We all go through things and life sometimes takes its toll and can seem overwhelming, you are not alone. I find when I get to a point of feeling overwhelmed, I talk to someone I know that I can get things off mind too. Who do […]

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They Touched My Life (and didn’t even know it)

Posted: February 27, 2017 at 2:15 am   /   inspirational

We’ve all had them days when we hear our alarm go off in the morning. We check the time and tell ourselves “I’m going to stay laying down for just a couple more minutes” and hit the snooze button. Before we know it, the alarm is going off again and we check the time knowing we have to get up or we’ll be late. Back to the same routine, work, eat then sleep and do it all over again the next day. Some may have to get the kids off to school or daycare, then after work pick them up and run other errands or think about what to cook for that night. We all may have various worries like bills to pay, things to get done (which never seems to be enough time) and just personal issues to deal with as well. The many life challenges we all deal with can sometimes bring stress and just not being in a good mood at all when we wake up in the morning. Though we have different things we all deal with which can put us in a bad mood. I would believe we have all experienced being out and about with our day and randomly someone or something brightened our day. We weren’t looking for it or expecting it, but that smile and “Hey you doing alright” by a stranger catches us off guard and brings a smile upon our face. I remember one early morning, heading to work, thinking […]

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