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They Touched My Life (and didn’t even know it)

Posted: February 27, 2017 at 2:15 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

We’ve all had them days when we hear our alarm go off in the morning. We check the time and tell ourselves “I’m going to stay laying down for just a couple more minutes” and hit the snooze button. Before we know it, the alarm is going off again and we check the time knowing we have to get up or we’ll be late.

Back to the same routine, work, eat then sleep and do it all over again the next day. Some may have to get the kids off to school or daycare, then after work pick them up and run other errands or think about what to cook for that night. We all may have various worries like bills to pay, things to get done (which never seems to be enough time) and just personal issues to deal with as well.

The many life challenges we all deal with can sometimes bring stress and just not being in a good mood at all when we wake up in the morning.

Though we have different things we all deal with which can put us in a bad mood. I would believe we have all experienced being out and about with our day and randomly someone or something brightened our day. We weren’t looking for it or expecting it, but that smile and “Hey you doing alright” by a stranger catches us off guard and brings a smile upon our face.

I remember one early morning, heading to work, thinking to myself “Here we go again” trying to get my mind ready for work. I had stopped at a local coffee shop to get my usual cup of coffee. I was already thinking to myself I hope the line isn’t long, so I can have time to get to work and sit in the car preparing myself for the day. (Am I the only one who does this sometimes? Ha)

The line happened to not be too long and the older gentleman behind me, just started conversing with me out of nowhere. He was making various jokes and I politely smiled and chuckled a bit. He then started talking about how the small bite-sized bagels were too expensive. Commenting “Really $4 for a bite size bagel” and we were just laughing and agreeing.

Little did he know and I began to realize was that I was beginning to get in a better mood, just from the random conversation with a stranger. Sometimes just a little laughter can brighten up your day. I went on with my day feeling a bit better.

Have you ever experienced anything similar? Maybe in deep thought and then suddenly someone says something and it makes you smile or laugh. Or maybe someone helped you when you felt no help was around? Or you were waiting in line and a stranger started a conversation with you and you guys began to converse as if you knew each other?

I leave you to share your own experiences of someone or something that may have touched your life.

Thought of the Day:  “They Touched My Life (and didn’t even know it)”

Feel free to share your experiences, maybe someone else can be touched just by hearing words of kindness.

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