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What is Healthypreneurship?

Posted: March 15, 2017 at 3:54 am   /   by   /   comments (0)


What is Healthypreneurship you may be asking. It is applying a healthy lifestyle when it comes to pursuing entrepreneurial activities. This is in how we deal with relationships whether personal or business. It is also how we deal with the emotional, mental, physical and social challenges that many Entrepreneurs face on a daily basis. I feel whether we are a newbie or experienced entrepreneur we generally see one side of what it means to be an entrepreneur. These things include the struggle as far as pursuing our goals in regards to failures and successes, the success side of becoming wealthy and even tips and advice from experts in making our dreams a reality.

We may also see some content in regards to the internal challenges that are faced, but I don’t feel it is much out there that is truly dedicated to this particular aspect.

The goal of Healthypreneurship is to provide a community that any Entrepreneur at any level can come and discuss the internal challenges they face. This in turn provides inspiration, encouragement, conversation and networking with others using one’s own experiences of challenges one has faced and how they overcame it. Or one may even be currently dealing with a challenge and may want to share and get advice or encouragement from others who are living life as an Entrepreneur.

Healthypreneurship is also a place where any level of Entrepreneurs can be featured and interviewed about their business, some of the challenges they face and how they overcame them. I would hope that this can inspire others and encourage others to know they are not alone in this and that it is ok to talk about these internal challenges we face as Entrepreneurs. It is also a great platform to learn about new businesses and network with others.


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